You deserve the best, that's why we commit to being great in places other hosting companies can fall short.
99.9% Uptime

When you host with Atomic, we guarantee a standard of service superior to that of our competitors. We pride ourselves on only working with the best datacenters in the hosting industry to provide you with the most reliable service possible.

Total Transparancy

"Am I being allocated the hardware I paid for?" is a common question many people have to ask when they're working with their provider. At Atomic, all of our specs and usage statistics are public on our status page to get rid of this guess work.

Instant No-Hassle Setup

Right when you purchase your package, our automatic system will have your server automatically set up and prepared for production within minutes. Need help moving your data over? We provide free file transfers for all first time clients!

Top Tier Performance

When it comes to performance, why settle for less then the best? Expand the scope of your projects without breaking the bank by taking advantage of our new generation Intel hardware with clock speeds of up to 6.0GHz.

Unbeatable Pricing

At the root of all of our pricing is an emphasis on what matters most, giving you the best bang for your buck. Find a better offer on equivalent hardware at one of our locations? Let us know and we'll work to match their price!

24/7/365 Support

When dealing with timely server issues, no one deserves to be stranded at the wheel with no help. That's why our Support Team commits to timely responses at all hours of the day, even on the weekends and holidays.

Impenetrable DDOS ProtectionBuilt to Protect Against 99% of All DDOS Attacks
Built To Handle Volume

Fine tuned to take an absolute beating, our DDOS Protection is designed to handle large volumetric attacks.

Custom Filtering

Sleep easy knowing that our network can handle dozens of rare attack methods. Contact our sales team for more information about specific attack vectors.

Free With Every Package

Whether you're a value client, or working with us at an Enterprise level, our DDOS Protection comes free of charge!