Atomic Hosting

Is the first hosting company to apply over 30 thousand combined man hours of Game, Web and VPS hosting to create the greatest customer experience you will find in the hosting industry.

After a year of planning and development, we've catered our hosting options to provide the best low-cost value proposition on the market. All on hardware that outperforms our competition.

Who We Are
Your Best Toolbox

When given the right tools, anyone can reach for the clouds. We aim to help as many people take off as we possibly can.

Your Greatest Value

We've been there when the money is tight, we know how much it means to be able to innovate on a tight budget.

Your Biggest Supporter

As a host, we strive to be the one company that can handle all of your "dumb" questions. We're all there at one point or another.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Atomic Hosting started off as a Garry's Mod community that became one of the largest server networks on a gamemode called DarkRP. Our time spent on this experience and others like it allowed us to gather heaps of knowledge about the hosting space.

On top of the pure savings on our plans, we are the most transparent and straightforward hosting company you will ever do business with. No gimmicks, no tricks.

Our hardware for both our Gaming Servers and our Hosting Services can be found at our Status Page, all specs are publicly visible. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out.