Our Mission

Mesh years of expertise with unmatched persistence to create continously improving cloud solutions.

With tens of thousands of hours of expertise and experience within Web, Bot Hosting, VPS, and Game Hosting, we strive to push our value proposition so far ahead, that doing business with us is an absolute no brainer.

  • 99.95%+ Historical Uptime
  • Enterprise Grade Network (AS399820)
  • 100% Owned Hardware (In Contiguous United States)
Our Values

To make our offerings the best they can possibly be, there are 3 core philosophies that guide our decision making.

Sustainability Over Short Term Gain

All of our decision making is done on the premise that we plan to be in it for the long run. That's why we don't skimp out on infrastructure where other hosts commonly choose to for short term gain.

Be A 1% Better Service Everyday

When you pay for an Atomic Networks service, you're paying for a hosting service that ages like fine wine. In all facets of our business, we're always looking forward at the next thing to revolutionize for our client base.

Success Stems From Our Clients

We solely believe that when you're doing well with your projects, we're doing well as a company! That's why we go out of our way to ensure that everything about your experience is the best, because you deserve nothing less.

VPS Hosting

Budget friendly flexible cloud computing built for any cloud use case. For those that need maximum control over their computing environment.

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Game Hosting

Game Server Hosting that's easy to use and extremely high performance. For those looking to create gaming communities without the headaches.

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Bare Metal

Dedicated Servers built to push maximum performance. Managed and Unmanaged configurations available for both experienced and new users.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Atomic Networks started off as a Game Server community in 2020 that became so large, that we needed to start colocating our own hardware. This unique experience operating as our own ISP for a gaming community with a historical uptime of 99.95+% since 2021 has given us unique insights into the industry that empower us to offer personalized solutions for a multitude of use cases in different disciplines.
Over the years, we have used just about every single type of hosting you can think of. VPSes, Dedicated Machines, the whole nine yards. As we continued to grow, we worked with more than 100+ VPS, Web, and Game Hosting providers around the world, and continued to grow more and more frustrated with every new addition to our lineup. We strive to be the one host that has it all, a modern one stop shop for every specialized hosting option you'd ever need, deployed and maintained with the same special care you'd put into your server if you were the one managing it.
On top of the combination of premium offerings at budget pricing, we are the most transparent and straightforward hosting company you will ever do business with. We truly believe that we thrive when our clients thrive, which is why we go out of our way to ensure that everything about your experience is amazing.
We're able to make a profit because we plan sustainably for the long term. Through hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent in the research and planning phase, we've secured some of the highest quality, cost effective back end solutions available. This allows us to maintain standardized quality across our entire product line. All while keeping your monthly costs as low as possible, and our business sustainable.
We offer free data transfers on all of our packages! Once you purchase a service, make a ticket in our panel w/your FTP details and we can handle the rest!