Our Processes

We're a host that fights the fires before they even start.

If you were building a house that you planned on living in for the next 30 years of your life, would you pour lighter fluid all over your roof while you're building it? Of course not, yet providers throughout the hosting industry make decisions like these all the time to cut costs. At Atomic, the uptime killing, cost cutting measures that most hosts see as "good enough" are switched out for common sense solutions that will keep your hardware online for years to come.

  • Machines Built w/Industry Leading Part Specifications
  • Operational Processes Optimized for Redundancy and Uptime
  • Vertical Integration Mixed w/Flexibility Where It Matters
Extra Steps We Take

Here's a few extra things we go out of our way to do to ensure that you never need to worry about your service going down.

Atomic Networks Pre Deployment
Robust Pre-Deployment Testing

Like a pilot flying a plane, we have a pre-flight checklist for every server we send off to the datacenter for production!

Atomic Networks Redundancy
Extra Hardware Always On Standby

On the rare occasion that something does happen to break, we always have the extra replacement parts on hand.

Atomic Networks Security
Total Operational Security

24/7/365, we are always monitoring every part of our infrastructure to ensure that nothing can catch you by surprise.