Minecraft RAM Calculator

How much RAM do you need for a Minecraft Server?

It's a question that every server owner should ask when getting started. Thankfully, we can help! Use our helpful Minecraft RAM calculator to find the GBs of RAM that you will need for your Minecraft Server.

Our General Recommendations

With all the different ways you can tweak your server with mods, plugins, and modpacks, it’s no surprise there are loads of different requirements for each Minecraft server out there. Here’s a general rundown based on our observations as a Minecraft server host:

2GB – If you’re thinking about tossing in some basic plugins or mods on an old version of Minecraft with some friends.

3GB – Good if you want to dive into medium-sized modpacks or plugin packs on old versions, handling around 25 mods or plugins without breaking a sweat should be fine with 2-5 people.

5-10GB – Need to support over 40 mods or plugins? You’re gonna want this range of RAM. If you’re using one-click install modpacks through platforms like Forge, you’ll want 6GB or more.

10-32GB – This range is generally safe for servers that are generally between 20-100 players with a large amount of plugins.

Dedicated Server Hosting (32GB+) – If you are trying to grow a large community (more than 100 players) we highly recommend using dedicated Minecraft server hosting to ensure that you will have the resources you need to scale as your player base grows.

For newer versions of Minecraft (1.18 and above), you will want to have a minimum of 6-8GB of RAM if you are playing with more than a few friends and are looking to start a community.

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1.17-1.20: 5-7GB Min. Recommended RAM | 1.13.2-1.16.5: Min. 3-6GB Recommended RAM | 1.9-1.13.2: Min. 2-5GB Recommended RAM | 1.8 or Below: Min. 1-4GB Recommended RAM

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