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Through our payment gateway, we support more than 50 different types of cryptocurrencies to purchase an Altcoin VPS.

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Buy a VPS with Tether.

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Buy a VPS with Polygon.

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Buy a VPS with Monero.

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Buy a VPS with Litecoin.

Don't see your preferred Crypto? Contact us to see if we provide support! We try to accomodate for as many different Cryptocurrencies as possible.

Buying a Crypto VPS is easy!

Get from checkout to deployment in only a few minutes.

Step 1
Buy Your Server

Configure your VPS to your liking and complete the checkout process through our billing panel. We accept payment via. Stripe, and Crypto.

Step 2
Login to Panel

Following payment, within minutes you will receive login information in your email from our billing system with your login details.

Step 3
Run Your Projects

After signing in, you are all set to use your Virtual Private Server! Feel free to use our on call 24/7 support when you need assistance!

2 Day Refund Guarantee

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Instant Deployment

Get your Crypto VPS right after purchase.

Comprehensive Support

24/7/365 Support. Even on holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Crypto VPS Services
A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a slice of a dedicated server that has split its hardware between multiple clients with no prior configuration. Game, Web, and Discord Bot hosting are all configured types of hosting to make sure that you can't make any major mistakes while putting your project together. Virtual Private Servers are for those with prior knowledge who wish to work on their projects with the maximum flexibility they can have.
We allow clients to upgrade to larger slices of their package. Due to the data loss risks associated with drive shrinks, we do not support downgrades for current VPS clients.
We offer Windows Crypto VPS Hosting on a bring your own key basis, meaning you can use your own key to activate windows.
Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) offerings are all self-managed. This means that you have full and total control over managing your slice with no external help. While we offer 24/7 direct support for issues created by us, we can not guarantee personalized technical support for configuration and management of your server. If you are looking for more specialized support, we recommend exploring our other shared hosting offerings for Game, Web, and Bot Hosting.
Yes! Once you purchase your Crypto VPS, you can assign your own IPv6 /56 as you see fit.
We use Virtfusion for our Crypto VPS control panel.
Cryptocurrency payments take some time to be processed. It will probably take a few minutes for the invoice to be marked as paid. If after 30 minutes, your crypto payment hasn't been cleared, contact support.